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Anonymous said: I started watching Parks and Rec like two days ago and I'm at the end of season 2 and Leslie and Ben are the cutest thing. They're like one of those pairings where you can't stop smiling when they're onscreen. Thanks for making me watch this with your gifsets.

AH I KNOW. Ben and Leslie are perfect together. I’m so happy I got you to watch it :) Everyone in the world should watch Parks.

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"There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do." - Amy Poehler

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i just did a shot with my friend, her dad, and her aunt (who i just met today) so thats how my life is going

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Orphan Black premieres today.


We just wanted to be up at midnight to say that.

(Because we are dorks.)

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i made myself an alcoholic shirley temple and im sitting here watching tv by myself and ignoring the outside world and it was a gr8 decision 

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